Episode 183 – Swells Aren’t

January 31, 2022. 64°F/18°C.


It’s the Year of the Tiger, specifically the Water Tiger, since each year also has an associated element. The Viking Star celebrated Chinese New Year today , with a Chinese-themed dinner buffet, and a musical celebration on the pool deck from 10:00 pm until 12:30 so that we could all ring in the lunar new year.

year of the tiger
Credit: Getty Images

I was especially looking forward to dinner, since I’d spent almost all day prone in our cabin, dizzy-headed from the ocean swells, drinking ginger ale and eating Granny Smith apples. My favourite server, Yoyo, passed me on deck and noticed I was looking a bit green and had room service bring me the pop and apples, along with a dish of candied ginger. I tried for a while to relax on the pool deck, but the water in the pool sloshed with each movement of the ship, the sound of which only seemed to reinforce the pressure in my head. Unfortunately, despite all the amazing Chinese specialties on offer, all I managed was some steamed rice and a couple of potstickers before heading back to the cabin. Ted headed upstairs while I slept and captured a few images of the celebration.

Sadly, the party was not very well attended. Apparently older passengers need lots of sleep the night before landfall and excursions, but Ted said it was great to see the entertainment crew having a blast.

Despite not feeling great, I did keep my morning haircut appointment with Teodora, so am now back to the ultrashort “shorn” state that is so easy to manage, if a bit boyish (I’ll make up for that with dresses and earrings). Trimming off so much “blonde” hair reveals just how much grey is really there; I’ll have to decide at some point on this cruise to either finally go au naturelle, or have Teodora work some colour magic.

I’m super excited to dock tomorrow and place feet on terra firma for a couple of days.


  1. Poor baby! I didn’t know apples were good for upset tummy. But … as Barbie said, you’re well taken care of. Watch tomorrow’s weather and be grateful. I envy people who are planning their next cruise. Much love.


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  2. Hope the sea settles and you feel better.
    I have gone short as well – I told the wonderful Donna to give me wash and wear. I went au natural the year before Covid crept into our lives. I was tired of the time in the chair. I’m very happy with it. I hesitated for years because I was uncertain of what shade it would be. It reminds me of my long ago natural blond.
    Enjoying your blogs!

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  3. Rose, Just a quick note to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying your posts and to express my seasick condolences. That’s a miserable feeling, but it passes immediately as you step onto land, as I’m sure you’ve discovered.

    Feel better!


  4. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. But, you seem to have been well looked after, nonetheless.

    I’d like a pic of your new “do”; I’ll probably be quite envious. A keeper, I’d think!

    Hope you are feeling better today.

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