Episode 182 – Sunday Brunch !!


Arlo Guthrie famously wrote in Alice’s Restaurant that they (twice) ate “a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat”. That lyric came to mind when surveying today’s spectacular Sunday Brunch. It “couldn’t be beat” either!

These photos are by far not all the food that was available – just a selection of the prettiest.

HUGE bread sculptures. You can get a sense of the size from the fact that the “welcome” bread included braided bread holders for a full sized bottle of wine. My favourite design was definitely the anchor, life preserver and chain combination, complete with Viking’s ship logo.
The pasta station featured 5 different fresh pastas shapes. Choose pesto, alfredo, red sauce or just aglio e olio, then add fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and meat to watch your lunch created right in front of you in a huge wok.
Just a small portion of the cold fruit and vegetable section, featuring my favourite waiter, Ephraim, who (reluctant to remove his mask even for a quick photo) has the best smile. He unfailingly keeps an eye on “Mr Brooks” so that I can find him in the World Café, and is often our knowledgeable attendant in the Chef’s Table.
Again, just a portion of the sushi and fresh seafood on offer.
Yes, that is a huge container of caviar in that bowl of blue-tinted ice!
An entire loin of Beef Wellington was just one of the proteins on offer. There were whole roasted chickens, Dover sole, salmon, and dozens of prepared meat, poultry, and seafood dishes… plus all the traditional breakfast foods and made-to-order waffles for those not yet ready for heavier fare. Of course, the bar staff had mimosas and Bloody Marys ready to go – just add the champagne or vodka and serve!
Desserts (again, not everything on offer is shown, including the 8 flavours of freshly made gelato, the cookies, the macarons…. you get the idea.
Credit for the gorgeous cake photos goes to fellow passenger Jim M, whose mouthwatering pics far outshone any that I took.
Yes, that slice of fruit sponge cake is as big and as luscious as it looks: tender sponge, soft buttercream with berry pieces, and dark chocolate shards.
No, I didn’t QUITE finish the whole thing.

That’s it for today. Food coma prevents any further blogging.


  1. Unbelievable selection of the most artistically created deserts, breads, pasta, meats that I have ever seen.. It must be a challenge to choose what to indulge in…. Oh what temptation!

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  2. Terrific food pictures and descriptions. I think your being fed better than most kings and queens. I would be so disappointed returning home to plain food and leftovers.


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