Episode 364 – Vienna Day 2

We have a free day in Vienna today, which meant first of all the luxury of sleeping in. Unfortunately, that meant we missed the opportunity to see inside the St. Francis of Assisi Church (aka the Emperor’s Jubilee Church) which we found out is only open to the public until noon each day. We know from online pictures that it has a fairly unadorned almost Romanesque interior, but nonetheless we suspect the architecture would have been interesting.

Ted’s photo of the Emperor’s Jubilee Church from this summer, on a much sunnier day than we had today.

Oh well. Next time!

Instead, today’s pictures are food (you’re welcome, Josie!)

Lunch: a beautifully composed Greek salad, followed by spicy pork belly over sweet corn purée, sweet chili sauce, and frenched green beans.

Top: we’ve been very fortunate to share this trip with Al & Karin and new acquaintances Ivia & Rod. Good company makes every experience more fun. Bottom: tonight’s dinners. Deconstructed Hungarian goulash, ribeye steak with trimmings, Sacher torte, and crepes Suzette.

Tonight as we began our sail past Bratislava and into Budapest, we also got instructions for our disembarkation on Sunday November 20th and the transfer to our Prague hotel. Our latest European adventure is drawing far too near to its close, however there are still 2 countries to go: Hungary , and the Czech Republic.

Bratislava castle all lit up as we sailed past.


  1. Thank you Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx I have to put more time into presentation!

    Ted’s pictures are amazing! I couldn’t believe the different parts of the church! What architecture! You two capture them so brilliantly in pictures and words! Must send this one to Mikayla Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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  2. Trust you enjoyed your morning “lie-in”; too bad about the church, though – it looked almost fairytale-ish!

    I love your new outfit and was especially pleased to see you comfortably seated with friends new and old. The best times spent anywhere are those with friends, of course.

    A few more delightful days ahead…

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