Episode 310 – Random Vienna Photos & One Last Dinner

Every day in Vienna we’ve done and seen more than just what I’ve chronicled. It is impossible to look up or around without finding an architecturally interesting building, a historically relevant statue, a lovely park (or some fabulous food).

So here are a few photos that I hope will someday in the future elicit more warm memories of our time here.

The Mozart statue in the Burggarten
The Goethe statue on the Opernring
Fountain on Albertinaplatz
The Schottenkirche
The fountain and apothecary on the Schottenkirche Square
Mosaic on the side of a building framing the windows of Beethoven’s lodgings from 1815-1817 on Tiefer Graben in the Judenviertl (Jewish Quarter)
The Hohebrücke (high bridge) and surroundings in the Jewish Quarter
The entrance to the Salvatorkapelle (Saviour’s Chapel), the oldest “Old Catholic” chapel and monastery in Vienna
Statue on the Hoher Markt (High Market)
The famous Anker Clock forms a bridge between the two Anker Insurance buildings. It puts on a show at noon when all its 12 figures parade across the bridge to music from each figure’s era.
Gutenberg Square in downtown Vienna, where a statue of Gutenberg presides over a café named after him.
The façade and interior courtyard of the OLD city hall
St Mary of the Strand, the oldest Marian Church in Austria, designed by the same architect as the Stephansdom.

Our walks around the neighbourhood of our apartment were full of “wow”s. There does not seem to be a stretch of street anywhere in Vienna without gorgeous architecture.

Although we did not see nearly as many as in Berlin, we did find 2 Stolpersteine in our neighbourhood, as well as the larger plaque on the wall of one of the apartment buildings, indicating that the building’s current owner had made contact with the former residents (who survived by escaping to the USA in 1939).
The Breitenfelderkirche that we saw every single time we got on or off the U6 at our nearest Underground stop on Josefstädterstrasse. It is closed weekdays all summer, but the exterior is gorgeous from every angle (that’s the back of the church in the bottom right photo).
The Städtisches Jörgerbad (city pool on Jörgerstrasse) houses an indoor pool with 3 story tall ceilings and a skylight, as well as saunas and steam baths. It’s the oldest facility of its kind in Vienna, dating to 1914.
The interior of the Kalvarienberg (Mount Calvary) church on St. Bartholemew Square reminded me of many of the monastery churches we saw in Salzburg. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a church with statues on an exterior balcony before though! Ted was fascinated by the “stepped” windows along the side.
We were always wowed by the architecture. This building was at the nearby intersection of Albertgasse and Florianistrasse.
The 16th district has a lot of social housing. Buildings are identified with the year they were funded and built – we saw dates ranging from 1950 through 1990 on our walks. This 1954/55 project had a unique mosaic around its gate. If you’re interested in learning more about the social housing that provides geared-to-income homes for HALF A MILLION Viennese: https://www.wienerwohnen.at/wiener-gemeindebau/municipal-housing-in-vienna.html Given a total population of around 2 million, that housing makes Vienna proudly claim that it is one of thecworld’s most liveable cities.
In addition to the 3-dimensional cones on this Eiscafés mural, the happy memory I’ll want this picture to elicit is POPPYSEED GELATO !!

Austria is famous for its coffee culture, but also for its wine making. Our last dinner in Vienna was at 10e Marie (10th Marie), the oldest Heurigen (wine bar) in Vienna, which has been at home in Alt-Ottakring since 1740. The wines served here today are from the vintner family Fuhrgassl-Huber.

The privilege/right to serve their own wines directly to the public was officially granted to Austrian wineries in 1784 by royal decree of Kaiser Josef II
We ate from the buffet: blood sausage, fresh horseradish, potato salad, beets, salty pickles, rye rolls, pork belly with crackling, bread dumplings, and sauerkraut. don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Tomorrow we pack for Trieste. I trust more gelato and more wine await…


  1. While in Trieste be sure to take a trip to Lipica to visit the stud farm. We loved it there! I look forward to reading about your discoveries and how you liked Trieste.


  2. I’m so shallow! I want your food!! Pork belly !?!😋😋 Loved the close up of the statue faces. So real, so detailed, so beautiful. Again, I just marvel at all you are seeing! Trieste next? Love you


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  3. hi rose…please take a ‘a shot’ of ted..make sure yu are not taking this wonderful trip solo..see you in this london..in october…b well   grantk

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  4. ROSE: Really enjoyed your accounts of Vienna.  Our middle daughter (the one in Boston with the two grandkids) lived in Triesta for a year.  We visited briefly when we picked her up.  Looking forward to sharing your visit vicariously. Thanks! Al

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