Episode 276 – This Wasn’t In The Plan

We’re only back in Ontario for 7 weeks before heading back to Europe, and the intent was to do “maintenance” on ourselves (doctor, dentist, optometrist, prescription renewals), on our car (annual maintenance and transmission fluid before putting it into storage for 10 months), and on our relationships (visiting friends, some of whom we haven’t seen in person since pre-Covid) … and of course re-pack for our next set of travels.

It was all going smoothly until this past Monday (day 25 of 49), when a distracted driver crossed the centre lane on a straight stretch of Highway 26 near Minesing, going 80 kph (50mph) and hit us, spinning us around with the force of the collision, shearing off one of our rear wheels, and totalling our car.

Before (top) and after

Thankfully, we escaped without a scratch, but we most definitely did not make it to our friends’ house for dinner. Nor will we be getting in the rest of our planned visits, since the world’s post-pandemic supply chain issues have created a shortage of rental cars, and while we’ve been approved to have one for the next 15 days, there is not a single one available in our county. It’s a good thing our current rental condo is within walking distance of life’s necessities, and we can – if need be – book a shuttle to get us to the airport on July 2nd.

Folks have been asking us why we don’t seem more shaken. A big reason, of course, is that we escaped unhurt, but in talking about it, Ted and I also think it’s partly due to this nomadic lifestyle we’ve adopted. We plan ahead, but we have to be prepared for the unexpected, whether that is something minor like airport delays or missing hotel reservations or something huge like a pandemic that cancels our travel plans. Losing our car is just one more unexpected glitch to work around.

Plus, we got to meet a really great OPP officer, who efficiently got all the reporting done and then stayed standing in the rain with us until our tow truck arrived, keeping us calm and grounded by chatting about travel in Scotland and sharing his fatherly pride in his 12-year-old golf prodigy daughter.

We’re very aware that this entire episode could have been so much worse if I hadn’t been able to manoeuvre away from a head-on impact. The whole thing has also reminded me of why I don’t really miss driving all that much, although this was by far my favourite car ever, and I did really enjoy driving it. I’ll be quite happy to be on subways, trams, trains, boats, and even planes for the next 10 months. Once we get our final insurance settlement, we’ll have to give some serious thought to how quickly we replace our car.

The license plate may be in storage, but “GEHEN” (going) remains our motto.


  1. Just glad you escaped unscathed. It may haunt your car rides for a while to come, though — positive attitude not withstanding. Here’s hoping for very safe taxi drivers in your future.

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  2. I’m so very sorry to hear about your accident and an happy that you are both okay..so scary. I guess that having to walk for groceries yesterday brought us together at our bench!! Life sure is full of twists and turns that sometimes introduce us to new people and stories. Stay well and maybe we will meet again.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your accident but very happy you are ok. You did a great job in avoiding a head on collision. In the US, the car dealers have no cars to sell due to the chip shortage. Our ten year old car will have to last a few more years.

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  4. So sorry you had to go through that but it sounds like with your amazingly positive attitude and ability to see the bigger perspective it will not in the end be much more than an inconvenience. Your choice not to dwell on the negatives and move forward with an actionable plan minimizes it’s impact on your lives and allows you to move forward. It is inspirational to be reminded that we all have choices in our lives and choosing how a event such as this impacts us is empowering! Thanks for sharing …

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  5. so sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident. I’m glad the only thing hurt was the car. Enjoy your prep for your next adventure. I look forward to hearing about it.

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  6. How awful, I’m grateful that you both escaped relatively unharmed! As others have noted, your resilience and optimism are nothing short of amazing. Hope you can still accomplish what you’d intended in your remaining weeks in Canada, good luck with everything. Stay safe. Diane

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  7. Well put, my dear friend. And I am just so thankful that you both escaped uninjured. And, though our visit next week is but one of the plans gone by the wayside, I am comforted knowing that you are safe, and that we still get to enjoy the many Sundays chats that await us.

    Hugs and much love.

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  8. You’re amazing!! It’s who you are. You deal with things as they happen! Part of it is, you have so much more to look forward to. Canada has not treated you well this time. (Damn)

    However … I’m going to be traumatized if you’re not here on the 30th. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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  9. Thank goodness you were both unhurt! You are right – traveling teaches one how to pivot and change course.

    Looking forward to reading more posts.

    Thanks for blogging.

    Jeff Barnes

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  10. You guys have the best attitude! I know you may miss a few things ( like the play this Friday perhaps), but if you can store your belongings and get a ride to the airport in 20 plus days, life will be back on track! Take the money from the vehicle, and purchase a newer model next April!

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