Episode 268 – Ted Writes Our Viking Story

May 7, 2022.


Ted and I make a pretty darn good team. I write (and talk) and he takes photos (and listens). Every once in a while I try to get him to write a blog post, but he prefers the status quo.

Today is different. This is all Ted:

Summing it all up.

We had a lovely dinner two nights ago, celebrating the anniversary of another couple who are celebrating 44 years this year. There was also a third couple celebrating 44 years. Conversation turned to what was most memorable from the cruise.

My first reaction was seeing the glaciers as we rounded South America. I was awestruck by the beauty and the colours. When the captain turned off the engines, and we could listen to the ice… wow. Nature is grand, and we are so small.

As much as I enjoyed the historic sites that we visited, I think the natural beauty of the world is what I felt the most. The oceans, so vast. The desert, mountains, sunsets… so many moments of grandeur. I think that if we ever do this again, I will try to emphasize the excursions that would allow me to experience more of the natural beauty of the planet, and less to what we have done to it.

However, as I continued to think about what I will hold onto from this cruise, it is the people. The last two years have been so depressing and discouraging as we went through COVID times. This cruise has allowed us, for a few precious months, to put all our woes behind us. It has been cathartic…

What I have noticed, and enjoyed so much, on this cruise is seeing happy couples who, like us, enjoy being together. This is what inspired me to see if Viking would help Rose and me celebrate our 44th anniversary in a special way. With Damian taking charge, did Viking ever come through. And, I think much to our surprise and delight, the Viking crew and so very many Viking guests celebrated with us. I hope it was a joyful event for all that were involved. It certainly was for us.

I am basically a very shy person. I never impose myself on anyone, and I never initiate conversation. I have trouble remembering names. Thank goodness Rose is far more open than I am, because I have certainly enjoyed getting to know many people on the cruise.

Just a few of the people who made this cruise so memorable.
Top row L to R: Karin & Al, Justyna & Wally, Bill & Judy.
Centre: Dan & Candyce. Bottom row L to R: Cindy & Aleem, Wendy & John, Ophelia & Iok-Hou.
Karin and Al were the very first couple we had dinner with, and our long cruise has allowed a real friendship to grow. It doesn’t hurt that Karin and Rose share a German heritage, giving Al and me something to commiserate about.
Bill and Judy provided many wonderful nights of conversation, hopefully a tradition to be continued somewhere else in the world.
George and Rosalyn gave us the honour of spending their 50th anniversary with them. Hopefully our paths will cross again.
L to R: Ted, Sherry, Stan, Rose, Connie, Dave. We were Deck 3 neighbours.

This also goes for the Viking crew. Without exception, they have been wonderful at taking care of us. Someone said that Viking hires crew based on personality. Their philosophy is that people can be trained for any job, but people skills are much harder to come by. It shows in every interaction with every member of the crew.

Acting Cruise Director Damian Sollesse and Guest Services Manager
Mara Bruga are just two of a phalanx of talented professionals who made this cruise unforgettable.
We developed a real bond with Jeffrey Capalad and Annalyn Orquin, the talented singers of the Spectrum Viking Band.

Coming out of two years of isolation and sadness, with the help of Viking’s terrific health protocols, this journey has been the best experience of a lifetime for me. It was exactly what was needed. I think, at this moment, this Viking Star is probably the happiest place on earth. I know that there is nowhere else I would rather have been.

So, to all the guests and all the crew of the Viking Star 2021-2022 World Cruise, thank you. Thank you so much for all that you have contributed to making this a remarkably memorable journey that I will never forget.

Love to you all, and I hope that all your future experiences measure up to what this one has for me.


  1. Ted, I enjoyed your honest interpretation of the cruise, highlighting the beauty of the natural world.
    I also eagerly looked forward to Rose’s travel journal describing each of the ports with photographs ( by Ted) & noting the thorough description of the places visited. Thanks for sharing your journey with me while I am stationed at home for now.

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  2. I am very sad to see your world cruise come to an end. I remember when we disembarked the Viking Sea after a relatively short Caribbean cruise we felt like Adam and Eve expelled from the garden. We stayed on in San Juan for a few days and gazed longingly at the Sea until she left port again the next day! Now we are looking forward to three Viking cruises — one river and two ocean but still have some months to wait. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge, along with Ted’s great photos. I’ll continue to follow your blog. We were in Greenwich about 8 days ago for an afternoon and could imagine it being a lovely place to live for a while. I look forward to hearing about it in more depth.

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  3. Thank you so much, Rose and Ted, for the wonderful adventure you took us through. I hope that one day (cruise) our paths will cross. I can envision me walking along the deck of a Viking ship and say, Hey, you’re Rose and Ted! I have so enjoyed following your adventures through your words and photos.

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  4. It has been a wonderful adventure for you both and also for your blog followers! The pictures along with the detailed travelogue were a daily delight. Thank you for taking us with you.

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  5. Thank you both for sharing your wonderful adventure through your words and beautiful photos. I’ve been following along from the beginning and also feeling a little sad that this excellent adventure is almost over. I’ll continue following your blog to see where you go next!

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  6. Thank you Rose and Ted for allowing me to travel vicariously with your vivid photography and excellent commentary.  We too have experienced Viking Ocean life at sea and find it wonderful but do not “see” a world adventure in the cards.  This sojourn was a gift you gave us back at home.Jaqui Reilly

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  7. Bravo, Ted! Well done. I particularly liked your reflection on the natural beauty of our world as opposed to what we have done to it. Strangely (in another of my frequent “brain-farts”), the word ANTHROPOZENE almost immediately came to mind…

    I am just one of many who have enjoyed this wonderful trip with you and Rose. Thanks for the memories. And I wish you both a lovely final week. I am already feeling sad…..

    Happy Sunday tomorrow, Rose.

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  8. Thank you for letting us tag along with you. I got such joy reading your blog and kind of living through your experiences and your eyes. Stay well and safe travels. And a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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