Episode 262 – A Sea Day for the Birds

April 28, 2022. 61°F/16°C


May 13th and our return to Ontario is approaching way too quickly, so rather than think any more about that, here are Ted’s photos of some hitchhikers we picked up today. These are not sea birds, so we can only think they were asleep on the ship when we left Monaco yesterday and are now destined for Barcelona with us.

A Northern Wheatear

European Bee-Eaters

Fellow passenger and terrific photographer Iok-Hou Pang took this photo of one of the European Bee-Eaters who hit a window on the ship and was temporarily stunned (Iok-Hou confirmed that it later flew away)

Iok-Hou also captured (figuratively) this Old World Melodious Warbler on the ship’s deck.

At some point during the day, this kestrel crashed into fellow traveller Karla Wenzel’s balcony and she was quick enough to get a good picture through the protective glass door (and generous enough to share it).

Ted also managed to get a photo of three very entertaining little British birds from this afternoon’s concert in the Explorer’s Lounge: Sarah-Leanne, Beth, and Poppy (with “Big Bird” – sound technician the amazing Henry – behind them).

Tomorrow it’s back to busy days as we explore Barcelona.


  1. Hi Rose and Ted–we, too, saw the Kestrels and Bee Eaters–very thrilling! Also saw a black and bright yellow warbler-type on our veranda–any ID-ideas? Thank you again for your blogs–they are literary and photographical works of art! Annie


  2. I’m very impressed that you have posted each day during a very busy sightseeing period! I’ll miss hearing about your cruise when it is over. All good things come to an end. I’m glad that you have had such a rewarding experience and have been able to share it with us.

    Jeff Barnes

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