Episode 250 – Just Enjoying the Day

April 14, 2022


After several intense excursion days in a row, we spent today lazing, chatting with staff, taking in the entertainment, going to lectures, and having dinner with friends.

We thoroughly enjoyed the pre-lunch talk by Dr. Kathy Stearne’s entitled “Crusaders: Heroes or Villains?” It made us wonder who Richard the Lion Hearted’s public relations firm was. He bankrupted England, attacked Christian Sicily to get even more money, and didn’t even actually make it to Jerusalem on his Crusade, yet he’s the hero and his younger brother King John, left behind to deal with the fiscal mess, was the “bad guy” in all the Robin Hood legends.

After lunch, Captain Olav generously gave interested folks a sneak peek at the log book he’s been keeping for this cruise. In addition to things like wind and weather, and even a few photos of engine oil testing blots, his log contains all our names, and pictures he has taken at every port of call. Sometimes they’re photos taken from the bridge; other times he has taken them from his bicycle, which he rides for an hour or two whenever he can get off the ship.

Top: Captain Olav showing off his World Cruise scrapbook, while wearing one of our fellow passenger’s hats covered with pins from each port we’ve visited. We’re going to really miss the Captain when he leaves us on April 19th.

Mid afternoon we were treated to “Swing While You’re Sailing”, a wonderful selection of swing songs performed in the atrium by our entertainment team, all dressed in appropriate swing-era sparkles!

The glamorous ladies of the Viking Star’s entertainment team.
Top left: Beth, Poppy, and Cruise Director Kate. Bottom left: Assistant Cruise Director Sarah-Leanne. Right side top to bottom: Beth, Poppy, Kate.
The Viking Star’s male heartthrobs. Top L to R: Assistant Cruise Director Damian, and vocalists Jack and Daniel. Bottom left: Damian crooning Mack the Knife. Bottom right: Daniel and Jack hamming it up during Me and My Shadow.

We also took in Caroline Holmes’ lecture about imagery in Christian art, which made us realize why Dan Brown found it so easy to use hidden symbols as a basis for his novels.

Silly me. I then went upstairs for Cruise Director Kate’s Celtic Celidgh dance class, which confirmed that in or out of flipflops, I still can’t dance the Gay Gordon.

Poor Damian, getting partnered with me. He’s an awfully good sport!

Dinner tonight with Allan and Karin was a brand new Chef’s Table menu centred on Indonesian cuisine, created by our very own Chef de Cuisine, Wayan. While we waited for our amuse bouche, we snacked on shrimp chips and a spicy dip similar in taste to a peanut satay sauce.

Top: Asinan, a shredded vegetable medley with chili tamarind and fresh pea shoots, paired with Selbach-Oster Riesling Kabinett from the Moselle region of Germany. Centre left: Sate Lilt Jukut Lawar, minced tuna satay on lemon grass skewers over spiced lentil lawar salad, paired with Black Cabra chardonnay from Mendoza Argentina. Centre: watermelon and ginger granita with lime
juice. Centre right: main dish Beef Rendang, 24 hour braised fork-tender short ribs in a traditional Indonesian curry sauce, served over sweet potato rice, garnished with crisp greens and radish slices, and paired with Anko Malbec from Salta Argentina. Bottom: trio of desserts, from left to right: chocolate chili mousse, coconut crème brûlée, and passion fruit ice cream in a sweet crisp sweet tuille cup, accompanied by a sweet dessert wine Domaine de Montgillet, Coteaux de l’Aubance, Loire, France.

Need I say it? Even when we’re just cruising, every day is wonderful.


  1. Just reread 248,249 and today!

    Rose, if there are any history teachers out there, they really should invite you for a talk to just make history come alive ! Hope you would make time for them! You bring the age and the people real and current. Aaah Well


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