Episode 228 – Three Dubrovnik Churches & A Doorway

Dubrovnik’s old town was so lovely to walk through that we did it on both of our days there. On Sunday, there was the added bonus of active churches being open, so Ted was able to get some interesting pictures.

Images from the Church of Saint Blaise, patron saint and protector of Dubrovnik.

Saint Blaise holding the walled city of Dubrovnik.
The main altar and organ. Note the purple candles, signifying the season of Lent.
This Venetian glass chandelier is actually clear, but picks up colour from the sunlight shining through the stained glass windows.

Images from the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

The main altar, backed by a painting by Titian.
The pipe organ at the back of the cathedral.
Another stunning naturally lit dome that draws the eyes skyward
I particularly liked the dove motif
Two of the six side altars, each ornate and unique.
Check out the pillars on the left.
They appear to be marble, but surely cannot be.
Note the lid on the font at the left.

Images from the Church of Saint Ignatius

1725 AD
The ornately frescoed nave.
Frescoes and paintings are unsigned, leaving us to wonder whether they were done by masters or their protégés. Either way, the skill displayed is inspiring.
We’ve never before seen the Grotto of Lourdes recreated inside a church.
Notice the fleurs de lis in Mary’s cloak.

And now for the door.

Ted saw the banner above and understood all the symbols except for the 2 businesses near the bottom (above the palace). The same symbol was used for jewelry shops and banks. We wondered why shops had such a strange symbol… and then we looked with fresh eyes at the city we’d been strolling through.

Residences have rectangular or fully arched entrances, but shops….

It just goes to show that there are interesting and surprising things to be found all around us, and a single day in any city is never enough.

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