Episode 196 – Incommunicado

February 15, 2022. 75°F/24°C


For family and friends used to hearing from us almost daily, there will be “radio silence” for the next 2 weeks until we reach Cadiz, Spain on March 2nd. At that point, expect a flurry of backdated blog entries.

One of the Star’s antenna amplifiers is damaged. That means that our internet connection is S-L-O-W, when it is available at all. The required part needed for the repair was supposed to meet us in Uruguay, but because of our itinerary change (due to rough seas in the harbour at Punta del Este) that didn’t happen.

Those of you who know how impatient I get when my technology doesn’t do exactly as I wish will understand why, although I’ll continue to write, I won’t be doing battle with the ether (or other passengers) for whatever limited bandwidth we have.

I’ll be trying to stay mellow. That’s not such a difficult task on a ship like this.

We’re at sea now until Cape Verde on February 22nd, then cruising to reach Madeira Portugal on February 28th, Seville/Cádiz Spain March 2nd, Gibraltar on March 3rd, and Granada Spain on March 4th. There’ll be lots to tell then. (Of course, if Viking can have the repairs done in Cape Verde, I’m sure they will).


  1. My niece Cynthia is sailing today across the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Verde to St Luca on a 40 ft sailboat called ˘One Love˘.


  2. Lisa’s comments made me cry! So nice! Will miss you but … Continuing to read old blogs. If I do that every day, you’ll be back. Miss you my dear friend


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  3. To the friends and family of Rose (and by association Ted), wow, you are so very fortunate to have her in your lives. I know I’m not even remotely related (although, I wish I was), and I look forward to her posts every day. (This is not a paid endorsement!) They both must be such a treat when they visit family/friends. Looking forward to our WC 22-23, even though we hope it is a much different itinerary, Rose. Miss the Viking family and being spoiled. Fair winds, Rose and Ted.


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