Episode 178 – Just Cruisin’ (and Eatin’) Along

January 27, 2022. 75°F/24°C


It was another lazy day, which I spent reading the entirety of Murder In Belgravia, by Lynn Brittney. It’s the first in a fairly new series (2018) set in WWI era England, and is reminiscent in style of Anne Perry’s William Monk detective series (not to be confused with Tony Shaloub’s television character Adrian Monk), which was one of my favourites.

Today’s theme in the World Café at noon was A Taste of Great Britain, which naturally meant eating England’s national dish: chicken tikka masala! (well, me anyway – Ted opted for sausage rolls)

As the sun set into the Pacific Ocean, we changed for dinner. There are no formal nights on Viking ships, but all the restaurants except the World Café require “business casual”, which precludes jeans, shorts and exercise gear.

I really like the slower pacing of a full-serve restaurant, so we generally do get a tiny bit fancier than whatever we wore during the day. The World Café theme tonight was Brazilian Churrascaria, which was incredibly tempting, but nonetheless we ate in the main restaurant and had yet another amazing meal.

Left top to bottom (Ted’s dinner); Cured Brazilian pork loin; Szechuan beef tenderloin (rice not in the photo); Quindim (egg yolk custard with coconut).
Right top to bottom (my dinner): Charred octopus with fingerling potatoes in a lime, chili and garlic vinaigrette; black mussels in a bacon, chili and white wine cream with julienned leeks (frites not in the photo); Brazilian Pave (very similar to a tres leches cake, made with vanilla cream and condensed milk)

After dinner, we took in the evening performance: Legends, a tribute to some of the biggest Las Vegas vocal acts (Elvis, Tom Jones, The Rat Pack, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Celine Dionne and more) by the Viking Vocalists.

As if that weren’t enough music, we ended the evening with a nightcap and dancing to the Viking Band in the Torshavn Bar.


  1. Have you gained any weight yet? Not sure how you stay so slim!
    Also, do you find you take a shower in the am on port days in the humid environment or after you return to the ship? Or are two showers in order? I think I would take them after returning to the ship………


    • No weight gain so far…. And there have definitely been a few 2 shower days in the equatorial countries! (My normal routine would be a.m. though, since I wake up with hair that requires sticking down!)


  2. Your dinner looks wonderful (as always on Viking). The Brazilian Churrascaria sounds enticing, but DH is not a fan of buffets and much prefers sit down dinners with table service. I’m hoping to convince him to enjoy the World Cafe’s seafood night on our next cruise 🙂

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