Episode 175 – Sea Day Intermission

January 24, 2022. 82°F/28°C


It’s a sea day today, with time for photo curation, lectures, and socializing, but also LESS time, since clocks moved forward another hour today. We’re back in synch with our family in Ontario for a little while.

However, we slept in an hour later than usual, so I missed Dr. Bradley’s 9:30 lecture on “Panama’s San Blas Islands and their famous Molas”. Fortunately, all the onboard lectures are recorded, so I was able to watch it later in the day.

Details from an intricately appliquéd Panamanian Mola owned by one of our fellow passengers, Nancy Y.

Many of our other lectures on this leg are still related to our original itinerary (the South Pacific into Asia) since the lecturers were confirmed before our sudden route change. They’ve done a really good job of trying to pivot at the last minute, but unfortunately many of their carefully researched and prepared talks no longer inspire me. I don’t want to learn more about the Second World War in the Pacific theatre, or about marsupials when we won’t be seeing any. Give me Spanish lessons and penguins!

Sea days also mean sea birds. Ted caught this series featuring a Brown Booby diving into and under the water.

He also managed to capture a Booby chasing a flying fish with its “wings” (fins) in full flight mode!

It looks like an aerial dogfight over water!

We always intend to walk and be active, but without prodding we can be pretty lazy on sea days. Today, with hours taken up categorizing bird photos, we spent way too much time sitting. However, that didn’t stop me from eating 3 meals. Sigh. The food is just so good. A slightly warm flaky croissant with apricot preserves for breakfast, a small crab and bacon panini and caesar salad (with shaved Parmesan and gloriously salty anchovies) at lunch, and dinner in the main restaurant. Read that again and convince me that you could have resisted a crusty grilled panini with crab AND bacon and lovely melted cheddar. Come on!

Perhaps my favourite dinner of the cruise so far.
Top: sweet creamy crab encased in black squid ink ravioli, with saffron mushroom sauce made with sliced cremini and porcini mushrooms, and topped with crisp onion threads. Absolutely the perfect combination of tastes and textures. Bottom: crispy giant tiger prawns in sweet chili sauce, over sticky rice, and garnished with crunchy snow peas and glazed almonds.
Ted’s equally amazing dinner.
Top left: appetizer of sweet & spicy BBQ chicken wings over egg-fried rice, garnished with scallions.
Top right: grilled Black Angus ribeye steak with grain mustard hollandaise, herb-crusted tomato and POTATO STRUDEL !!
Bottom: blueberry opera cake layered with white chocolate cake and blueberry mousse, garnished with blueberry mousse, blueberry compote, and tiny almond meringues dusted with cocoa.

Since we’re due for a stretch of sea days between Panama and Santiago Chile (Guatemala, Equador, and Peru being closed), Viking have brought several guest entertainers on board. Tonight in the Star Theater we were treated to the music of Adele as performed by Amy Jo Slater. Neither of us are huge Adele fans, but the show was entertaining and really well done. Amy Jo had the kind of powerhouse voice needed to pull off the power ballads.

Tomorrow we dock in Fuerte Amador Panama and explore the ruins of the original Panama City. Stay tuned!


  1. Rose, I just want to eat all your food descriptor words! You make them all so tantalizing. (But the photos of the food certainly do it justice as well!) I’ve said this before, but I love following your journey. Your family is so fortunate to have you in their lives… even if from afar.


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