Episode 157 – Calm Seas

January 5, 2022. 81°F/27°C


It’s pretty much the perfect sea day: sunshine, serene waters, and a comfortable deck chair with a view of the ocean.

The only thing wrong with this picture is the empty Bloody Mary glass.

We all wait with bated breath for Captain Lars’ announcement each day at noon. Today’s update: 3 guests released from isolation, but 2 more crew in, for a current total of 11 guests + 7 crew now in isolation and 5 in preventative quarantine. We have no idea whether those in isolation are world cruisers or getting off in LA, since the ship right now is about half-and-half, but we’re all staying positive that once we’re a “cohort” from LA to London (or Bergen, like us) things will settle down.

After lunch, I headed down to the theatre for a Q&A session with the Viking Vocalists. These four young entertainers sure do have a lot of energy, and hearing about how short rehearsal timelines can be – and the fact that this is the first time they’ve worked together – just makes me even more impressed with them. I didn’t stay for the backstage tour, because there were just so many people in attendance, but hope we’ll get another chance over the next 130+ days.

Ted made it to the gym this afternoon, while I just made it back to a deck chair with my latest e book. We all have our priorities.

We had a lovely dinner in the main restaurant, followed by Barbi McCulloch singing her favourite songs on the theme of love in the theatre, and stargazing up on Deck 8 with our resident astronomer until the clouds moved in to obscure our view.

Left top to bottom (Ted’s dinner): Caribbean Senses marinated fruits with cointreau; grilled swordfish with tomato relish served over basil crusted fingerling potatoes and bois boudran sauce (basically a really fancied up ketchup); chocolate volcano with lemon curd and poppy seed tuile.
Right top to bottom (my dinner): tiger prawns with cocktail sauce; braised beef ribs in peanut sauce & coconut served with steamed rice; vanilla bean risotto garnished with strawberries, chocolate shards and kataifa.
Barbi’s classical coloratura soprano voice was best showcased in her rendition of Nessun Dorma, which had us on our feet.

We’re grateful every day to be where we are.


  1. We are almost to the point of counting the hours until we board the Star with you! Thank you for sharing your lovely day. We’re really looking forward to the entertainment and stargazing. How restful and enjoyable! Fingers crossed for negative tests!

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  2. Learned … Nessun Doma is beautiful and familiar. Under that was an add for luteolin – memory , brain health , ( pills, veggie, camomile) I don’t serve ketchup but I may serve Boudran sauce. No snobbishness there. I love your final sentence! Pura Vida! I’m so happy for you Much love



  3. Hi Rose. Thanks for going to the effort to keep us with you on your journey. Your meal choices are very different from mine as I avoid seafood and fatty fishes for health reasons. Early on you were posting photos of the menu which helps me see what I could eat. I found that very helpful. Thanks and good sailing!


    • Rest assured there are tons of healthy options. The menus highlight no sugar added, vegetarian, and heart-healthy choices- all of which are justas delectably presented. I’ll try to include a few more menus when we eat in the main restaurant.


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