Episode 150 Addendum, because….Food


It’s a sign of calmer waters and a settled stomach that I was back to herring and black bread for breakfast, and French Kiss (French vanilla with a raspberry swirl and almond slivers) gelato and Prosecco for lunch. Yes, that was my ENTIRE lunch – don’t judge!

The calmer seas also meant putting in a mile (4 laps) on Deck 2. Ted, ever the overachiever, did 1.5 miles on Deck 2 and then hit the treadmill for his total of 7.5 km (4.6 miles).

You can see how calm the waters were today, and how dry the deck was without splashing waves.
A brown booby flew alongside as we walked the deck, diving into the water to catch fish and quickly resurfacing.

had our second Chef’s Table dinner tonight, on a California theme. As always, the presentation and service were stellar.

Top: The amuse bouche. A crisp sweet potato chip topped with sour cream and blue cheese crème fraiche and green apple slivers. Smoosh down the creme, place the thin slices of candied orange on top, and pop it into your mouth in one blissful bite. Paired with an Donafugata Anthilia indigenous Sicilian white wine.

Next: A delicate crab cake topped with crisp fennel, shallot, dill and blood orange, over a smooth avocado puree, paired with a Vollmer Riesling Trocken from Pfalz Germany.

Middle: a Moscow Mule granita with ginger beer, lime and vodka. Ted wanted a dozen of these sent to our room!

Second from bottom: the main course of Halibut with panko crusted cauliflower, and a herb vinaigrette salad, served with Koonunga Hill unoaked Southern Australian chardonnay.

Bottom: silky smooth Mandarin orange panna cotta wth candied ginger, paired with a Moscato d’Asti from Piedmont Italy. Pure decadence.

It’s been another glorious day aboard the Viking Star, topped off with King playing acoustic guitar up in the Explorer’s Lounge.

And we’re docked. Tomorrow: Colón and Panama City, Panama beckon.


  1. Rose – we are Gwen and Steve and plan to join you in LA in 10 days. Love your blog and it gives us a taste, pun intended, of things to come if we can just stay healthy. Happy New Year


  2. I love the “don’t judge me comment” YOU KNOW HOW TO EAT ! And travel And write And now you exercise ?!?!? You could wind up perfect – which would have its own problems Love you



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