Episode 131 – Celebrating three years of blogging

July 14, 2021 ….. today marks exactly 3 full years of blogging. Who knew it would be so much fun, and become so important for my mental health during pandemic isolation? From downsizing, to travel, to family history, to books, our blog has become a place to store our memories, post photos, and share who we are and where we came from with our children and our friends. Maybe someday our grandkids will read our blog and get a whole new perspective on who Gramma and Gramps were.

Here are some of my favourite memories from 3 years of blogs. Of course, there were also lots of food pictures, wildlife pictures, book covers, and a look WAY back with our house concert posters. If any of these inspire you, please feel free to go back and re-read the entries in which they appear (the episode number is in brackets beside each description); the nice thing about blogging is being able to go back and relive great memories.

Top: Sardi’s in New York City (5); outside the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville Tennessee (5); Salzburg Austria (86); Windsor Castle outside London (82). Centre: Disney World Florida (6.2).
Bottom: Myrtle Beach South Carolina (15-19); Canada’s Parliament Buildings in Ottawa (5.5); Brookgreen Gardens South Carolina (15-19); Eiffel Tower in Paris France(6.3).
Top: Sunset Beach Inukshuk Collingwood Ontario (27); Dunnet Head Scotland (29A-L); Indianapolis Indiana Zoo.
Centre: Route 66 marker(34-38); Cadillac Motel in Amarillo Texas(34-38); Jim Hensen exhibit at Albuquerque New Mexico Museum (38B).
Bottom: Antigua (51); the Viking Sun(40); Hollywood California (53).
Some of my favourite genealogy pics (episodes 65-77)
Top: The S.S. Beaverbrae that transported my parents and grandmothers to Canada; my great grandmother; my grandmother with my one year old mother.
Centre: my mom as she looked when she left Germany for Canada in 1949; my mom and grandmother reunited in Canada in 1951; my paternal grandparents shortly after their marriage.
Bottom: my dad around age 8 in Poland; dad as he looked around the time he arrived as a refugee in Germany; my parents on their 1954 wedding day.
Top: Ted and my cousin rubbing the Bremen Town Musicians statue for luck, in Bremen Germany(83); windmill in Kinderdijk Netherlands (88); fountain in Miltenberg Germany (91)
Centre: the Cologne marker on the Rhine River (89)
Bottom: coffee break in Vienna Austria (87); Marksburg Castle Germany (90); currywurst for lunch in Berlin (84).
Top: window boxes in Bamberg Germany (93); fountain in Nuremberg(94); Roman style arena in Regensburg(95).
Centre: Stockbridge Massachusetts(101); pipe organ in St. Stephen’s in Passau Germany(96)
Bottom: Durnstein Castle in which Richard Lionheart was imprisoned (98); Budapest Hungary by night (100); sidewalk sculpture in Bratislava (99).

…and that’s just a sampling! There’s nothing new to post today, but rest assured that the future holds more adventures as we resume travelling around our big beautiful world next year.


  1. I’ll add on to Art’s comment here…
    Sometimes the present can seem so bleak; thank goodness we have memories to boost our spirit some days!.
    And… I made the blog!!!!!!!!
    Cheers, Rise and Ted. Here’s to the many memories just waiting to happen.

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  2. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you!!! That was so great! Brought back memories and interesting how much older people liked all those years ago!!


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