Episode 115 – Spring, Glorious Spring

WAY back before we retired, while we still lived in Milton, Ontario, Ted and I hosted 7 seasons of house concerts. The Canadian songwriter we hosted in April 2009 (coincidentally right on my birthday that year) was the incredibly talented Yael Wand, whose song “Come Spring” is second only to The Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun” on my first day of spring playlist.

https://youtu.be/o4OV2DenlVs (Yael Wand’s song)

That song always inspires me, and in this instance it has inspired me to look back at our house concert years and add that story to our blog. Especially this past 12 months, without being able to attend live music events, those incredibly fun and enriching years have often been on my mind.

Next up: The “Just Milton Folks” saga.


  1. Wow, what a lovely song!! it is truly so uplifting and beautiful! yes we miss so many events.. our life seems to be paused. But I am sure one day it will reopen and we will sing with these folks!

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  2. Welcome blog!!!

    Loved the bouquet and the song. You have so many great memories! Is just Milton folks next blog?

    Love you



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