Episode 106 – “Whine” by the case

I keep getting ads in my Facebook feed from wineries that will deliver my favourite vice directly to my door, with no shipping charges.

Since returning to Canada mid March, in addition to individual bottles picked up on visits to the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario, for my non- Canadian friends – see Episode 24), I worked my way through a case of 12 Canadian Gothic white wine from Pilliteri Estates Winery, 6 assorted whites from Pelee Island Winery, and a case of curated red and white VQA selections from Peller Estates, all delivered to Collingwood via courier. We (by which I mean “I”) also ordered a case of Peller’s late harvest riesling dessert wine, the first bottle of which we opened and enjoyed after Thanksgiving dinner.

Before you try doing the calculations that would let you write me off as a complete lush, let me just clarify that (1) I am indeed the only drinker in our household, and (2) I average 1-1/2 750ml bottles per week by drinking a glass of wine with dinner each night.

Yet, based on those on-line purchases, just this morning I was tempted via email by yet another “case sale”, this time a choice of 12 pinot grigio, 12 cabernet merlot, or 6 + 6 at 30% off the regular price… and when I logged into Facebook, my feed included 6 Ontario wineries, 2 British Columbia wineries that now ship free to Ontario, a quite pricey wine advent calendar, and an AUSTRALIAN winery (not sure how they’re planning to get bottles to me)! A friend recently shared a code for joining a “beverage sampling” panel that works with wineries and distillers to test their new offerings on consumers; sample sized bottles arrive in the mail, and comments are sent back using an app.

Concurrent with all of this are the surveys – from our local online newspaper, from my retirement plan organization, from the regional health unit, from snowbird travel associations – asking whether my alcohol consumption has gone up during the pandemic. What is it they know? And NO, it has not, thank you very much!

But … my physical activity has definitely decreased, my need for constantly updated regional health statistics has increased, my OCD has gone into overdrive, my online shopping is becoming a bit of an issue (you’d think I had a dozen grandkids to buy for instead of just 3), I check the weather app far more often, I spend more time reading (which is good) but also more time playing CandyCrush (less good), I’m finding it harder to maintain connections with friends as the time between physical visits increases, and I’m craving sweets more.

Yesterday my Facebook feed included an ad for home delivery of Lindt Chocolate. Free shipping on orders over $75.

Someone save me. Please.


  1. We were busier than usual for the first
    7 months of the pandemic – providing daycare for one of our grandchildren. Now that she is in an actual daycare I have more time for knitting, reading, and riding. And more time for thinking- a lot of which seems to be about the Lindt outlet ten minutes from home. I guess it’s a good thing I’m avoiding stores…..
    I just realized what a surreal phrase “the first 7 months of the pandemic” is.

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  2. I, as a non drinker, don’t have that problem, but I am inhaling Diet Coke (1-2) cans a day. I am cross stitching more, reading more and we have a standing Saturday night dinner with the kids. John is back doing coins and I have Video on Demand. Since the amenities in our new condo are not open, there is no gym, pool or golf. When they open I plan on getting moving! Once I convinced myself we would be here at least a year and that I really could not complain as everyone I know is healthy and has their jobs still, my anxiety levels were normal. Life is good!


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