Episode 91 – Postcards from Miltenberg.

NOTE: These travel pictures are from travels prior to us becoming nomadic in 2018. Like most of the world, we are staying put right now until the threat from COVID19 is either over or preventable via a vaccine.

In addition to the Rhein and Danube, our river cruise took us along a portion of the Main (pronounced “mine”) River,to the picturesque town of Miltenberg in Bavaria. The town spans both sides of the river, but the “old town” on the left bank is only 150m wide, between the river and the Odenwald mountain range.

You can see how close the mountain slope is to the backs of the houses on the main street.

The architecture here suddenly looked very “Bavarian” – like real postcard pictures! There are still around 150 original half-timbered houses in the old town. The ones surrounding the fountain in the town square are beautifully maintained.

The Hotel Zum Riesen may be the oldest inn in all of Germany, hosting travellers since 1158 AD.

The Faust brewery, established in 1654, is the oldest in the Rhine-Main region, and still welcomes thirsty Bavarians, as well as tourists.

Miltenburg, the local castle, seen from the river. (You really get a sense of how narrow the town is from this vantage point.) Notice the difference in the spelling of the castle as compared to the town: “burg” is a fortress, “berg” is a hill or mountain.

From the castle wall, there is a panoramic view of the town as it now exists on both sides of the Main.

We left Miltenberg to continue on to the spectacular bishopric of Würzburg, but had we been pilgrims on the road to Santiago, Miltenberg might have been a stop along our route – it has a distance marker!

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