Interlude – Second Thanksgiving

Next blog I’ll be back to travel stories, but today I’m feeling pensive. Maybe it’s the grey skies. Skip this entry if sappiness is not your thing.

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in Amarillo, Texas. We drove down today from Oklahoma City in dense fog and near freezing temperatures all the way, so there were no scenic pitstops. Instead, we just flew down an almost empty Interstate 40 at the full 75 mph speed limit, listening to music from the library stored on Ted’s phone. One of my favourite songs, that we’ve not played for years, came on. I’d forgotten how powerful its message was. It seemed somehow appropriate that we were listening to it today.

Taking time to think about what other people are going through, and remembering to be compassionate, also reminded me how much I have to be thankful for.

A life partner who shares the good times and the not so good times, and whose love has always made me feel valued.

Parents whose strong immigrant work ethic, and pride in their adopted country, made me appreciate being born a Canadian.

Sons and daughters-in-law whom I love, and who love me back.

Grandsons in whose lives I am privileged to be involved as they learn to fulfill their potential and become amazing adults.

Extended family, on both sides of the ocean, with whom I can share memories and traditions.

Friends who accept me for who I am, and enrich my life by being in it.

Having had meaningful jobs, and now the chance for meaningful volunteer work.

Never having had to worry about whether there would be food on the table, or a roof over our heads.

Being healthy enough to enjoy these “golden years” with the love of my life.

The chance to travel, meet interesting people and explore interesting places.

I’m also thankful today for all those hospitality workers who are cooking, waiting tables, and checking in hotel guests like us, when I’m sure they’d much rather be eating turkey with their loved ones.

I know you all have a long list of people and things to be thankful for too, but I’d wager that you also know someone less fortunate, for whom Thanksgiving (whether last month or today) is not an easy day.

Please enjoy Maria’s wonderful lyrics and remember to take it easy on yourself and others.

Take It Easy On Me

© Maria Dunn, 1998 SOCAN

I’m a little girl, don’t take up much space

But I’m trying to figure out my place

I go this way, that way-I make a mess

Seeking out the world with a child’s finesse

And I’m a teenage boy on the awkward side

And you hurt my heart, never mind my pride

When you bully me for who I am

I’m just finding my way to the promised man

Take it easy on me

And I’m a grown woman, my eyes sore

Watching love smash to the floor

The biggest shards I’ve swept aside

But dust remains to break my stride

And I’m a broken man inside my head

And I can’t remember what you said

And words, to me, slip from my grasp

So I mumble just to fill the gap

Take it easy on me

Can’t find a job, I don’t own a car

But you gotta eat no matter who you are

And dirt poor’s not the same as dirt

And I’m trying to make this living work

And I’ve come from very far away

And I hope to find a better day

But your tongue trips my tongue flat

And I miss my home but I can’t go back

“Take it easy on me” I say to the fool

Whose face I see in the rippled pool

It took so long recognizing myself

I dropped the prize that I once held