Episode 31: Four “take-aways” from our latest trip.

1. My closet is still too full.

We managed for 2 full weeks in a temperate climate with just a carryon suitcase each, and yet there are 4 times as many clothes as we took along hanging in my closet, plus 7 pairs of shoes that “stayed home”. Granted, if we travel somewhere really cold, or really hot, we will need to pack differently than we did for Scotland. That said, I still have some downsizing to do.

Marie Kondo is my new hero.

2. Food

By being just a little bit careful, we enjoyed most of the culinary treats of our destination – even sticky toffee pudding, more than once! – and didn’t gain weight. Desserts (for both of us) and alcohol (for me) are the big temptations, since on an all-inclusive tour they are both included with meals. Focussing on a big breakfast definitely makes it easier to resist later in the day. As for dessert…. unless it looks truly spectacular, we go for just coffee, and fruit if it is offered.

Sometimes it is too good to resist…..and we don’t.

3. Sleep

We need it. Especially me. On this last trip, I was so worried that I would forget what we had done each day that I stayed up late every night transposing my scribbled notes and writing blog entries, despite the fact that we had to be up and on the road early most mornings. Two weeks of that, combined with a 7 hour flight and 3 hour airport transfer bus drive back to Collingwood, meant that I did not do much other than sleep for 3 days once we were back.

4. Pace

It IS possible to be too busy. While I thoroughly enjoyed everything we saw and did during our 2 weeks in Scotland, I found I had to go back and read my own blogs to actually remember it all! I wouldn’t say we’d never take another bus tour, but I will say that we’ll look for experiences at a more relaxed pace.


  1. Enjoyed the summary reflections. Would you recommend Senior Discovery Tours? I am also fascinated by the fact that you could manage with only a carry on and a back pack… Would a blog entry on your packing strategies.
    Thanks, Marylou Miner


    • I would definitely recommend SDT, with the caution that you need to read the itineraries very carefully to verify how often you change hotels and how much time is spent on the bus (panoramic tours). Their brochures are very honest. Additionally, for women travelling alone, SDT is wonderful. You can feel 100% safe in the group. As far as packing, I’ve done 2 or 3 blogs about that – most recently the one between episodes 28 and 29 called “Och Laddies” – and I’ll keep sharing new strategies as we find them. Thanks again for following along!


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