Blood and Coffee

This is how we roll. We’ve been back in Ontario one whole week and the calendar is already filling up well into the summer: outings with friends, doctor and dentist appointments, family occasions, theatre outings around the province, errands at Service Ontario, babysitting, hosting dinners and get-togethers, noon hour concerts at the library, music at Blue Mountain and at the Shipyards Amphitheatre, etc.

We were out for a (chilly, darn-it) walk today, talking about dropping in on our son for one of his amazing lattes tomorrow after my semi-annual bloodwork to monitor thyroid levels, and Ted commented on what a busy week was coming up. “Blood and coffee tomorrow”, he said.

It was too good an expression not to use as a blog post.

….and yes, this is what #2 son’s homemade lattes REALLY look like!


  1. Laughing!!! Carolyn says lol is passée. Too bad it’s very handy!

    Mark Twain apparently once said Diapers and politians should be changed often for the same reason.

    Looking forward to May 6!!! Love you

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  2. Welcome back! Make Sure that thyroid is on good shape! I am exhausted and totally lacking in energy when mine is down! Defiantly couldn’t keep up with your pace!

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