Episode 18 – How We Communicate

Are you old enough to remember Lily Tomlin as Ernestine at her switchboard, nasally intoning “one ringy dingy” ?

Our young grandsons head for the door when they hear a landline phone ring – they think it’s the doorbell!

In our lives, if there is a physical phone ringing, we must be in a hotel room.

Even before we downsized our “stuff” to what fit into my little red car, we had downsized from multiple cordless phones in various parts of our condo to a phone in Ted’s pocket and another in my purse, and from a desktop computer first to two laptops, then a single shared one and 2 iPads.

We carry 24/7 communication with us.

Of course, even calling what is in my purse a “phone” is a misnomer; it’s really a mini-computer, navigation aid, travel agent, news source, weather reporter, shopping list, fitness tracker, loyalty card wallet, finance manager and camera all rolled into one. Ted’s is even his preferred payment method. It just happens to accept calls as well, although other than hearing from our doctors (and even they text message for the most part) we receive very few actual calls – maybe one per week. If I have the urge to “call” a friend, I am much more likely to Skype or FaceTime. Our kids communicate with us by Messenger or WhatsApp. Even our young grandsons Skype us – the 4 year old sometimes more than once in a day! I still write letters, but as emails instead of in stamped envelopes. I blog from my iPad because I like the bigger screen and keyboard, but in a pinch I could do that from my phone too.

When we’re going to be out of the country, it’s Ted’s job to find us cell phone options. He does that while I check passport requirements, make sure prescriptions are renewed, and obsessively make lists of which of our things go into the 2 bins stored with our son and which go into the suitcases and bins that travel with us. Sim cards, charging cables, adapters, and finding accommodation with good wifi have become key elements to staying in touch with our family and the world.

Ernestine always asked, “Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?”

I send out rambling blog entries and hope for “likes” and smiley emojis.

Either way, it’s great to be communicating!


  1. Communication is so very important. You seem to have it down, Thank God for hi tech,
    I just started following you on your blog and I think your adventure is awesome. I found an article about you in my retirement magazine. I’m inspired!

    Suzanne Drouin


  2. Sounds to me like Ted’s not doing enough.

    Good to get these Rosie notes. I’m thinking they read like a travelogue that should be in a magazine somewhere. You have a definite ability to write. They certainly make me jealous that we are not there with you.

    If you do decide to do a public travelogue, the only thing I might suggest is that you not include pictures of Ted except when you are sending me or the kids a note. We don’t want to be responsible for putting people off their food.

    Annie is doing well. We heve set up a routine now where she can be comfortable in the bedroom. So far a number of friends have been bringing us food so we are not starving to death and Annie doesn’t have to eat my cooking. (What’s wrong with creamed eggs on toast?) She’s a lot spunkier right now and has already yelled at me a couple of times.

    Not just that but spring is springing. I know that because we have to wipe the mud from Ricky’s paws when he comes in. Things are looking up and life is good!

    Keep up with the travelogues. The Brookgreen pictures are really good.


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