Episode 14 – Movin’ On

We’re having so much fun that it would be easy to forget to pack up and move!

Our 3 months at Beachy Keen, Jan and Jim’s amazing Myrtle Beach condo, have come to an end. We just need to do one last check to make sure nothing is being left behind except a couple of jigsaw puzzles added to the games drawer, two extra coffee mugs and a dish drying mat (both bought to match the kitchen decor!), and some fresh kitchen towels to replace the ones I stained making home-made pulled pork with Kentucky bourbon sauce.

A few shells from this winter’s beach-combing to inspire the next set of guests.

I’m feeling a little sad to leave, knowing that we likely won’t be back.

We’re excited to explore new places, but it’s hard to imagine finding another one as perfect for us as this has been. Over our 2 winter stays Jan and I have become Facebook and email friends; hopefully someday that connection will turn into a real meeting over a glass of red wine. She and her husband are travellers too, so who knows where our paths might cross?

By this evening we’ll be settling into Treetops in Surfside, which will be our home until the end of April. I feel like I already know Patti, the owner, through pictures and notes shared over the past year since we made our booking, and am looking forward to our stay in her peaceful retreat. March and April get warm fast down here, so, while we won’t be directly on the shore this time, I expect I’ll be doing lots of reading poolside when we’re not exploring Murrell’s Inlet, Pawleys Island, and Huntington Beach State Park. There’s also the huge Run to the Sun classic car show to look forward to at the end of March.

One last look at the incredible ocean view before we lock the door behind us.


  1. I have no idea how you are leaving that gorgeous place. What a special place for these last 3 months. And a heck of a lot sunnier. I feel warmer by living vicariously through your adventures!


    • It was incredibly hard to leave, but our place in Surfside until Easter will have lots of new stuff to explore. You’ll have to come visit us for a couple of days this summer in Collingwood to get caught up!


  2. OMG! I’m feeling sad! How can you leave that place forever? What is treetops? I think of the Queen when I hear that. Sounds interesting

    Love you and miss you

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