Snakes and Planes!

Son # 2 is in the RCAF, instructing at CFSATE, the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering, the training establishment for Aerospace Engineering Officers, Aircraft Technicians and Image Technicians who serve with units of the Royal Canadian Air Force. It is a unit of 16 Wing, located at CFB Borden near Angus, Ontario.

Today was their annual “Family and Friends Day”, and what a great time we had!

The boys are always impressed by where their dad works. As soon as we hit the road leading onto the base, we hear about daddy’s office, daddy’s friends, and “daddy’s” planes.

Today’s activities included a barbecue, paintball (directed at a brave soldier decked out in a padded StayPuft marshmallow man suit and protected by an Avengers shield, much to the kids’ delight), bouncy castles, games, face painting, a caricature artist, a children’s obstacle course, a really super maze (with Supersoaker water hazards)….and a chance to climb into the cockpit of an F18 fighter jet.

There was also……wait for it… interactive demonstration with tortoises, spiders, lizards, tropical birds, and Amazonian SNAKES! For more timid folks there was also a soft grey lop-eared rabbit, and a hedgehog.

“Gramma” got to hold the snake, and “fly” the plane!

In the end, though, my greatest thrill was seeing the camaraderie and genuine affection that our troops show each other when off duty. We’re very proud of our son, and very glad that he and his family have such a strong support network.